Intelligent Design Author Receives World Magazine’s Man of the Year Honor

Seattle — World Magazine has named Stephen C. Meyer “Daniel of the Year,” their version of man of the year, for his groundbreaking work in explaining the evidence for intelligent design in his authoritative new book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design (HarperOne). Meyer’s book has already made year-end lists with naming it one of the year’s bestselling science books, and the Times Literary Supplement honored it as one of its books of the year for 2009.

World editor-in-chief Marvin Olasky writes: “This fall Meyer came out with a full account of what science has learned in recent decades: Signature in the Cell shows that the cell is incredibly complex and the code that directs its functions wonderfully designed. His argument undercuts macroevolution, the theory that one kind of animal over time evolves into a very different kind. Meyer thus garners media scorn for raining on this year’s huge celebration of the birth of Charles Darwin 200 years ago and the publication of On the Origin of Species 150 years ago.”

In this anniversary year of Charles Darwin’s birth and the publication of his Origin of Species, scientists and journalists alike are devoting increased attention to the ultimate evolutionary question: the origin of the first life. At the same time, Darwin’s defenders in the news media have overlooked the central challenge to Darwin’s theory.

“No theory of undirected chemical evolution has explained the origin of the digital information needed to build the first living cell,” says Dr. Meyer. “For this reason, modern evolutionary theorists are no closer to figuring out where life came from than Darwin himself was 150 years ago.”

In Signature in the Cell Meyer shows how each successive attempt to solve the mystery of the origin of life has exposed the Achilles heel of evolutionary science: its inability to account for information apart from mind. On the book’s website at, a stunning new video, Journey Inside the Cell, dramatically illustrates the evidence for intelligent design within DNA. Narrated by Stephen Meyer, the video is a short tour of the molecular labyrinth, the cell’s sophisticated information-processing system, which not only produces machines, but also reproduces itself.

Stephen C. Meyer is Director and Senior Fellow of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle. A leading proponent of intelligent design, a geophysicist and a Cambridge-trained philosopher of science, Dr. Meyer presents a compelling case that will generate heated debate, command attention, and find new adherents among scientists and open-minded readers around the world.