What You Need To Know About Critical Race Theory

Christopher Rufo Talks to Dave on The Rubin Report View at YouTube via The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Christopher Rufo (writer, filmmaker) about his reporting on critical race theory and Donald Trump’s executive order banning government agencies from receiving training involving critical race theory. Christopher gives a straightforward explanation to answer the question “what is critical race theory”, but also discusses its origins and toxic divisive effects. This is an issue that is affecting more and more people as these diversity trainings become more common in everyday workplaces. Christopher first started reporting on the critical race theory debate when he received documents from a whistleblower who notified him of a racially segregated diversity training in Seattle that trained white employees to see their internalized racism and how to “interrupt their whiteness and white privilege”.

Since the Black Lives Matter protests erupted a few months ago, Christopher has received mounting evidence from whistleblowers around the country all reporting similar training in systemic racism. These programs encourage people to see other not as individuals, but as defined by their racial group affiliation. Christopher sees the spread of these ideas as dangerous. It is no surprise that when these ideas are acted on, like at CHAZ in Seattle that the activists had a form of racial segregation where there were spaces set up for only members of a certain racial group. Christopher traces the origins back to Marxism and it’s worldview of only seeing the world as a conflict between the oppressor and the oppressed. If we don’t do something to stop these ideas immediately, we risk turning our back on the ideas of Martin Luther King where we judge people as individuals and instead return to a past where we judge people on the color of their skin. Christopher argues the urgency and importance of pushing back on these toxic ideas now.