“What is Venture Capital and How Does It Help Drive Cutting Edge Innovation” with Dan Mindus and Brett Gibson.

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Technology is creating unprecedented wealth the world over, and venture capitalists find themselves in the midst of the best opportunities.

It’s an exciting time. There are about $60 billion invested per year in US firms by venture capitalists, and my guests Dan Mindus and Brett Gibson, founders of NextGen, say another $100 billion or more is sitting on the sidelines ready to jump in.

At the same time, there is so much progress going on, so few barriers to entry, that opportunities are exploding as well. Professional venture capital investors are on the cutting edge of bold new innovations – like the hyper loop trains, drone delivery services, and more.

Or, we all hate waiting to see a doctor.  Soon, you might not have to.  Telehealth would allow you to take routine tests at home and consult with your doctor from your sofa.  And it will make doctors and hospitals more financially stable.  On “The Bill Walton Show,” we discuss many of these exciting ideas and the power of venture capital to help make them a reality.

In the old days, venture capitalists sought to identify winners. These days, they seek to help create them.