The Bill Walton Show: “Is War with China Inevitable?” with Adm. James Stark and Dr. Stefan Halper

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In China, the U.S. confronts an adversary that saw itself as the Middle Kingdom — the center of the universe — for 3,000 years, then endured a century of humiliation and now seeks to return to what it sees as its rightful place in the world. Join Bill Walton as he and veteran Washington foreign policy experts Dr. Stefan Halper and Adm. James Stark discuss China’s comprehensive program to dominate its region and to challenge the U.S for cultural, economic and military superiority.

The Trump administration has a new approach to China, and it could bear fruit. But the Chinese remain active in cyber warfare, restrict our access to their domestic markets and force companies that are allowed to do business there to hand over their technology, and none of that will change unless we force them to change.

But a war is not inevitable. Instead, it’s critical that the U.S. think in terms of managing our relationship with China. It is our largest trading partner and there are many lines of action to pursue that stop short of “kinetic action.” Dr. Stefan Halper and Adm. James Stark explain how on The Bill Walton Show.