Michael Behe Answers Tough Questions

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Since he first shook up the science world with his groundbreaking book Darwin’s Black Box, biologist Michael Behe has been fielding questions about intelligent design and evolution from scientists and non-scientists alike. Questions posed to Behe over the years since have ranged from technical to general, from philosophical to critical. Now, as we make his first online course publicly available, Micheal Behe Investigates Intelligent Design & Evolution, he will share his answers to the most often asked.

Now for the first time ever you can join renowned biochemist Michael Behe, author of the bestselling Darwin’s Black Box, as he investigates the amazing evidence in biology for intelligent design and the growing evidence that challenges the modern theory of biological evolution known as Neo-Darwinism. Check out the first lecture in the online course now for free!

In 41 short and engaging video lectures, Behe tackles explores ranging from the history of biology to the latest biological discoveries. Each video lecture is accompanied by a short quiz, and a special digital certificate of completion is offered for those who finish the course.

What are some new examples of irreducibly complex systems?

Michaeil Behe explains some brand new examples of irreducibly complex biochemical systems and what these have to do with the intelligent design argument.

Why do some scientists still not accept intelligent design?

Michael Behe looks at why some scientists don’t change their view about intelligent design even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Why aren’t you convinced by theistic evolution arguments?

Michael Behe explains why he believes that the argument for intelligent design trumps the arguments for theistic evolution.

What do you think of the idea of common descent?

What are some objections to ID from well-known critics?

What are some of the toughest criticisms of intelligent design?

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