Wrong Again: Neil deGrasse Tyson Misrepresents Legacy of Sir Isaac Newton

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Sir Isaac Newton is generally regarded as one of the greatest scientists who has ever lived. But did his work ultimately support a materialistic worldview and undermine belief in God? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to think so, claiming in his “Cosmos” series that Newton’s theories undercut the “need for a master clockmaker to explain the precision and beauty of the solar system.” But according to philosopher of science and bestselling author Stephen Meyer, Tyson is wrong about Newton. Meyer discusses Newton’s real legacy for science and faith in his book, Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries that Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe. You can find out more at

Stephen C. Meyer received his PhD in the philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge. A former geophysicist and college professor, he now directs Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture in Seattle. He has authored the New York Times best seller Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design (HarperOne, 2013), Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design (HarperOne, 2009), which was named a Book of the Year by the Times (of London) Literary Supplement in 2009, and now, The Return of the God Hypothesis (HarperOne, 2021), a USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly national bestseller.