Wedge Document

Word Fake changing in to Fact

The Truth About Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture

Misinformation and mischaracterization are rampant in the media coverage of the debate over evolution. Because Discovery Institute’s views and positions recently have been inaccurately reported, and because Discovery Fellows have been maligned in the media in the past, over the past few years we have published a number of Truth Sheets to set the record straight. Read More ›

“Wedge II” Discovery at Discovery Dumpster Reveals Theocracy Plan

A top-secret document — dubbed “Wedge II: the Discovery Code” — has been uncovered in a dumpster behind the Seattle office of Discovery Institute. As reconstituted by a special Disciples of Darwin investigative team, the document reveals a well-advanced plan for instituting a theocracy in America. Evolution defenders and other free thinkers have warned of this kind of plot for Read More ›

The “Wedge Document”: So What?

Conspiracy theorists in the media continue to recycle the urban legend of the “Wedge” document, which Discovery Institute has responded to in the past, in detail. Click here to read the Discovery Institute response to charges regarding the “Wedge” document, as well as seeing the exact original document in question. (Originally published in 2003) Click here for the truth about Read More ›