Our Founding Fathers and the Separation of Church & State

Dr. Philip Munoz lectures on the true beliefs of the founding fathers on church and state. He begins by comparing the liberal and conservative stories of the founders. He moves into the political philosophies of Madison, Jefferson, and Washington, and concludes with his thoughts on how we might best approach the father’s competing wisdom. Read More ›

Fast Train In The Fast Lane

This article, published by Europe & Us (a special project of KPLU News), quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: … This conference was organized by the Cascadia Center, a Seattle-based think tank that promotes innovative approaches to transportation. Director Bruce Agnew says state lawmakers, port commissioners and business leaders are lining up behind passenger rail. The full article can be Read More ›

What’s Needed For An Oregon-B.C. High Speed Rail Link

This article, published by The Vancouver Sun, mentions Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center:

The Cascadia Rail Week event was organized to focus and co-ordinate the bid for new funding on the Pacific Northwest route identified as a leading candidate for support in Obama’s April announcement.

U.S. state and municipal officials made it clear during the two-day rolling seminar, which travelled from Seattle to Portland and back on Amtrak’s modern, Spanish-designed trains, that the Obama announcement is viewed as a turning point in American transportation policy on par with the creation of the national freeway system.

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Will More Washington Roads Take Their Toll On Drivers

This article, published by Seattle PI, quotes Matt Rosenberg of Discovery Institute: Matt Rosenberg, a senior fellow at Cascadia Center of the Discovery Institute, recently called for managing peak-hour congestion in the central Puget Sound area “by bravely establishing – and soon – a seamless regional system of variably-priced, automated, and ultimately corridor-length tolling on highways and major state routes.” The rest of the Read More ›

Cascadia Rail Week In The News

Cascadia Rail Week – including events in Portland May 27 and Seattle May 28 – heightened awareness of the need for improved intercity passenger and freight rail systems, and for longer-term efforts to establish high speed rail in our mega-region. Sharing key insights were representatives of state and city governments, the Federal Railway Administration, the U.S. Congress and Senate, and Read More ›

State Hopes For $880 Million For Rail

This article, published by The Daily Chronicle, mentions Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: Bruce Agnew, policy director for the Cascadia Center, a Seattle-based transportation policy group, said if he had to predict the race for the cash, he’d put Washington and Oregon’s Pacific Northwest Corridor in the top five. The rest of the article can be found here.

High Speed Rail Could Run From Oregon To B.C.

This article, published by The Everett Herald, quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: “That puts us in good position to compete with the other high-profile corridors,” said Bruce Agnew, policy director of the Cascadia Center for Regional Development, a Seattle transportation policy group. Agnew also is a former Edmonds resident and two-term Snohomish County councilman. The rest of the article Read More ›