The Lewis Legacy Issue 83

The Wisdom of Puddleglum: From George MacDonald?

George MacDonald “The Temptation in the Wilderness,” Unspoken Sermons, First Series “And when he can no longer feel the truth, he shall not therefore die. He lives because God is true; and he is able to know that he lives because he knows, having once understood the word that God is truth. He believes in the God of former vision, Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 83, Winter 2000 Stop and Shop

BOOKS BY LEGACY READERS “Bloody Farce”: Irony, Farce and Morality in Dorothy L. Sayers’ Have His Carcase by Nancy-Lou Patterson (Ontario, Canada, 1999: 38 pages, 150 copies). Patterson begins by stating frankly that Have His Carcase is the least appreciated novel by Sayers. She quotes various critics: “the weakest of the Wimsey stories,” “intricacy of plot development that becomes oppressive,” Read More ›

Sister Penelope, Author

The Wood (An Outline of Christianity) by Perry Bramlett In Suffolk, VA, I went to an old junk bookshop and found a dirt cheap prize: The Wood (An Outline of Christianity) by Sister Penelope! It has a blurb on the back by C. S. Lewis for another book of hers, The Coming Of The Lord: “I am simply delighted with Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 83, Winter 2000 Notes and Quotes

“[Lewis’s] real power was not of proof; it was depiction.” Austin Farrer, friend of C. S. Lewis “First be absolutely sure that you have identified the truth (and the Scriptures are the place to go to check) and then hold fast to it and insist on it, gently and with kindness.” Douglas Gresham, stepson of C. S. Lewis “A peculiar Read More ›

Hours of Golden Reading: Missionary Memories

Kathryn Lindskoog told the following story in 1973 to about 100 people at the tenth anniversary commemoration of C. S. Lewis death that she had arranged in Santa Ana, California (reminiscent of St. Anne’s). “Robert Lehnhart was serving with Missionary Aviation Fellowship in Ecuador when he first got a copy of Surprised by Joy, the autobiography of C. S. Lewis. Read More ›

C. S. Lewis: Not on “Their Side”

“A Conversation with Thomas Howard”by Frank Schaeffer, Editor of The Christian Activist“A Journal of Orthodox Opinion” Frank Schaeffer was a highly visible Protestant Evangelical until his midlife conversion to Orthodoxy. Thomas Howard was a highly visible Protestant Evangelical until his midlife conversion to Roman Catholicism. Frank Schaeffer: I first met Tom in the early 1960s at L’Abri Fellowship, the Protestant Read More ›

Investing in Lewis: Admiration Inflation?

The monetary value of C. S. Lewis books, especially first editions, keeps going up. For proof, check the latest catalog of Nigel Williams Rare Books, London. First British edition of Out of the Silent Planet $47First British edition of Perelandra – $542First British edition of Miracles – $97First British edition of The Silver Chair – $2748First British edition of Surprised Read More ›

C. S. Lewis: Not on Our Side Exposed as a Heretic and Occultist

Rick Miesel was a 42-year-old convert to Christianity in 1985, and he retired from the business world in 1986. In 1989 he started a series of exposes of various religious teachers and organizations, and he eventually named it the “Christian Discernment Ministries” There Miesel provides 275 reports on 180 individuals and topics — including a 4,545-word expose of C. Read More ›

Sensucht: Sonnet XC

by Donald Williams When the fog obscures the outlines of the treesBut breaks to show the sharpness of the stars,And the blood feels sudden chill although the breezeIs warm, and all the old internal scars From stabbing beauty start to ache anew;When mushrooms gather in a fairy ringAnd every twig and grass-blade drips with dewAnd then a whippoorwill begins to Read More ›

C. S. Lewis’s Divine Comedy

C. S. Lewis beamed, then said “It’s my Cinderella.” I had just told him how much I loved The Great Divorce. (If I had been forced to choose one favorite of all his books, that would have been my choice.) He said he didn’t understand why Screwtape Letters got all the attention when The Great Divorce was so much better. Read More ›