The Lewis Legacy Issue 83

Yesterday in Oxford Today

Letter from John Espey (Merton 1935) in Michaelmas 1999 issue of Oxford Today “Reading the recent article on C.S. Lewis (OT 11.1), I was reminded of attending the lectures that became The Allegory of Love. From a callow young American’s point of view, Lewis was one of the few adequate lecturers in the English Language and Literature Faculty of those Read More ›

Maybe “Modern Man…” Is More Modern Than Many Have Mused

by Jason Pratt of Dyer, TN( I’ve been a student of C. S. Lewis’ theological writings for over ten years, and for much of this time I’ve been reading Lewis’s works aloud on tape for a hobby. (This helps me to use Lewis’s tools in propounding my own sound philosophical base for theism in general and Christianity in particular.) This Read More ›

How I Made my Primavera Discovery

Written in Response to an Inquiry In 1997 I almost died and was hospitalized for a week or two and pulled through. I was in the midst of producing my three-volume work Dante’s Divine Comedy: Journey to Joy. When I got home I was on intravenous medication with home nursing visits. During this time I had the task of meticulously Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 83, Winter 2000 From the Mailbag

Well, no sooner do I write to you than I get a new Lewis Legacy. I had somehow not heard about “the announcement that there is post-1950 ink on the 1938 manuscript of the Dark Tower”! And so now, all of a sudden, the manuscript appears to have been written “circa 1958”! Beautiful. I suppose they have some evidence for Read More ›

Sensucht: Sonnet XC

by Donald Williams When the fog obscures the outlines of the treesBut breaks to show the sharpness of the stars,And the blood feels sudden chill although the breezeIs warm, and all the old internal scars From stabbing beauty start to ache anew;When mushrooms gather in a fairy ringAnd every twig and grass-blade drips with dewAnd then a whippoorwill begins to Read More ›

Investing in Lewis: Admiration Inflation?

The monetary value of C. S. Lewis books, especially first editions, keeps going up. For proof, check the latest catalog of Nigel Williams Rare Books, London. First British edition of Out of the Silent Planet $47First British edition of Perelandra – $542First British edition of Miracles – $97First British edition of The Silver Chair – $2748First British edition of Surprised Read More ›

Hours of Golden Reading: Missionary Memories

Kathryn Lindskoog told the following story in 1973 to about 100 people at the tenth anniversary commemoration of C. S. Lewis death that she had arranged in Santa Ana, California (reminiscent of St. Anne’s). “Robert Lehnhart was serving with Missionary Aviation Fellowship in Ecuador when he first got a copy of Surprised by Joy, the autobiography of C. S. Lewis. Read More ›

Sister Penelope, Author

The Wood (An Outline of Christianity) by Perry Bramlett In Suffolk, VA, I went to an old junk bookshop and found a dirt cheap prize: The Wood (An Outline of Christianity) by Sister Penelope! It has a blurb on the back by C. S. Lewis for another book of hers, The Coming Of The Lord: “I am simply delighted with Read More ›

The Wisdom of Puddleglum: From George MacDonald?

George MacDonald “The Temptation in the Wilderness,” Unspoken Sermons, First Series “And when he can no longer feel the truth, he shall not therefore die. He lives because God is true; and he is able to know that he lives because he knows, having once understood the word that God is truth. He believes in the God of former vision, Read More ›

Hooper’s Family Heritage: North Carolina History

The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill houses a treasure trove of C. S. Lewis material purchased from alumnus Walter Hooper in 1980. (Hooper included a bootleg copy of the Lewis Family Papers.) After Lindskoog used the Hooper collection in Light in the Shadowlands, Hooper got the library to close down access to most of the collection. It is Read More ›