(Not) Making the Grade: An Evaluation of 22 Recent Biology Textbooks and Their Use of Selected Icons of Evolution

Summary In his 2000 book Icons of Evolution, Jonathan Wells reviewed ten then-current biology textbooks for their treatment of what Dr. Wells calls the “icons” of evolution, well-known lines of evidence commonly used to support evolution. (Wells’s 2000 textbook review can be found online, here.) Now, in 2011, we present an updated 2011 textbook review that applies Wells’s evaluation criteria Read More ›

The Fittest Theory

Because we are the country’s second-largest purchaser of textbooks, the continuing debate between Darwinists and proponents of intelligent design theory (IDT) has more than academic interest. The basic issue is this: Either the existence of intelligent humanity and the sheer complexity of living organisms can be accounted for by natural causes, or they point to an intelligent designer independent of Read More ›