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SPACs, IPOs, and Direct Listings

Matt McIlwain, Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group, moderates a panel at COSM 2021 on exciting new investment tools: SPACs, IPOs, and Direct Listings. Panelists include Kristin Zimmerman, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Michael Nordtvedt, Partner at Wilson Sonsini, and Byran Mistele, CEO of INRIX.

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The Stock Market: Gains, Pains, and Panics

Let’s push an imaginary rewind button on the stock market. We’ll go back five years to April 14, 2015. The S&P 500 is at 2096, up 80% over the previous decade. Read More ›

The New Wall Street and the High Cost of Manipulating Money

Wall Street’s Triumph over Main Street The current world monetary and economic system favors Wall Street’s currency regime over both Main Street and Silicon Valley. Once offering a wide range of research, analysis, and support for the independent enterprises of America, the new Wall Street simply means giant banks informally nationalized by Washington, D.C., in behalf of a system of Read More ›

George Gilder Explains Why Stock Markets Have Devolved Into A World Of Noise

This article, published by Forbes, contains an interview with Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: I recently had the pleasure of a delightful hour-long conversation with George Gilder, the influential supply-side economist who helped launch and shape the Reagan revolution with his book Wealth and Poverty, the tech revolution with his books Microcosm, the connectivity revolution with his book Telecosm, and perhaps a Read More ›

Bear Market’s First Bagged Bear

If the August 2007 implosion of the subprime mortgage lending market signaled the impending burst of the housing asset bubble, the March 2008 collapse of the old-line investment banking firm Bear Stearns & Co. heralded the stock market crash and global financial crash of 2008. Cohan is an ex-investment banker who previously published a history of the investment-banking firm Lazard Read More ›

Moore’s Law, Kurzweil and Telecosm Stocks

Overflowing the Resort at Squaw Creek in Lake Tahoe, Calif. in late September into hotels in the nearby ski village, this was the Telecosm of the “Singularity.” A singularity designates a point in the future beyond which the “event horizon” darkens, as the horizons of the past darken beyond the reaches of the Big Bang. In between — we are Read More ›

TV News: Blind to Market?

If you managed a business and noticed one of your five major competitors had changed its product design and was gaining market share against your firm and other competitors, what would you do? A decade ago, the world’s automobile manufacturers noticed firms with SUVs in their product line were gaining market share. Companies that produced no SUVs quickly added them Read More ›

Promise of Fiber Optics Justifies Bet on Battered Telecom Stocks

Original Article In case you haven’t noticed, the market has pretty much been treading water since I called attention to the postelection euphoria of a few weeks ago. I’ve noticed the big market moves recently have come in short-term bursts of trading, which make it more important than ever to anticipate trends. Even in a market of short attention spans, Read More ›

Market Economics and the Conservative Movement

The following speech was given by Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder to The Philadelphia Society at their national meeting in Chicago, Illinois on May 1, 2004. This is a great celebration. Forty years of the Philadelphia Society devoted to the concept of ordered liberty under God. Through this it reconciles the two great themes of conservative thought: free markets Read More ›

Prime the Pump for Prosperity

You are walking along a beach, a strange bottle washes up, you open it, and out pops an economic genie. The genie says, “If you give me $100, I will guarantee that the American economy will grow at 6 percent a year (roughly double the rate of the last 30 years), we will have full employment and no inflation, and Read More ›