Ever-rising Expense Of Driving About To Take A Toll On All Of Us

This article, published by Seattle PI, mentions the Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute: The Cascadia Center for Regional Development brought experts together Thursday afternoon for a workshop on tolling and traffic management. The rest of the article can be found here.

Foot Ferry Of The Future

Bruce Agnew was on KOMO – 4 TV to talk about ferries, car tabs, and cleaning up Puget Sound. You can watch the video here.

Want To Hit The Open Road? It’ll Cost You

This article, published by Greenwire, Energy & Environment Daily, quotes Steve Marshall of Discovery Institute: “Environmental groups and academics say [congestion pricing plans] will work, but what we need to do with these early projects is show the public that they really will,” said Steve Marshall, a senior fellow at the Cascadia Project, a Seattle-based transportation think tank. The rest of Read More ›

Tunnel Idea Emerges

This article, published by Puget Sound Business Journal, mentions Discovery Institute: The technology has made great strides in recent years, making it cheaper and safer to dig, said Robbins, speaking at a recent meeting put together by the Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center. The rest of the article can be found here.

Northwest Businesses Starting To Sense The Gold In Going Green

This article, published by Crosscut, mentions Steve Marshall of Discovery Institute: Steve Marshall of the Cascadia Center for Regional Development made the point that in 1973, during the oil embargo, the U.S. imported slightly more than one-third of its oil. The rest of the article can be found here.

City, County, Port To Run Year-Long Test Of PHEVs

Thirteen Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid vehicles owned by Puget Sound governments and agencies will be converted to 100 mile-per-gallon plug-in electric hybrid vehicles for a year-long field performance test, in part with a grant and technical assistance from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory. Behind-the-scenes assistance from Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center for Regional Development played a key role Read More ›

Swiss Build 21-mile Train Tunnel Through Alps

The San Jose Mercury News carries the full Associated Press story on the recent opening of the 21-mile Loetschberg Base Tunnel. Billed as the world’s longest land tunnel, it is a trainway built through the Alps to ease road congestion and deliver skiers twice as quickly from south of Bern to the gateway town of Visp near the Zermatt and Read More ›

Regions And Feds Must Jointly Combat Congestion

A new report by the Congressional Research Service notes that traffic congestion has reached crisis proportions in some places. But, the report notes, not everyone agrees that congestion is a major national problem warranting a federal government response. Because congestion tends to be geographically concentrated in major metropolitan areas, past Congressional action has tended to favor a predominantly state and Read More ›

Seattle Talent in Abundance?!

George Gilder talks about technologies in terms of abundances and scarcities. At the public policy conference held mid-April by Seattle’s Discovery Institute and themed “Re-igniting the Tech Economy,” the man who wrote the law that “Bandwidth grows three times faster than computing power,” took time out to theorize the entrepreneur’s role in technology’s evolutionary process. According to Gilder, a Discovery Read More ›

Lessons of Rioting — Look to the Funders Behind the Riots

Protest groups that trashed Seattle during the WTO meetings last December have now tried violently to disrupt the Republican Convention in Philadelphia. Plans are underway for still bigger civil disturbances at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. An International Monetary Fund meeting in Prague in September is slated for yet another riot. But there still has been no public recognition Read More ›