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Crumbling Icons

http://www.boundless.org/2000/departments/pages/a0000367.html About 10 years ago, I came across a delightful article in the Italian journal, Rivista di Biologia. Titled “Be Cautious, Mr. Bates,” the article challenged the Darwinian explanation of how the Viceroy butterfly came to look so much like the Monarch. The most interesting part of the article was the way the authors chided biology professors for presenting speculative Read More ›

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Young male teacher paleontologist in the classroom
Young male teacher paleontologist in the classroom

Natural Selection Found in Report on Science Education

Science teaching, and the teaching of evolution in particular, continue to be a flashpoint in American education. Hoping to correct the problem, the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation just released a report (with the American Association for the Advancement of Science), “Good Science, Bad Science: Teaching Evolution in the States.” Written by Lawrence Lerner, the report recommends increased emphasis in America’s Read More ›

19 states get a bad grade for their teaching of evolution

More than one-third of the states (19) do an “unsatisfactory to dreadful job” of including evolution in public school science standards, including 12 states that shun the “E-word” and four that avoid the subject, says a study out Tuesday. The rest do “at least a satisfactory job,” says the study, “Good Science, Bad Science: Teaching Evolution in the States,” published Read More ›

Biology texts, state teaching policies criticized, defended

The teaching of biology is getting poor grades this year amid criticism of confusing textbooks and lackluster state science standards. Despite the complaints about materials, biology teachers are doing a fine job, said the president-elect of the National Association of Biology Teachers. “Our teachers are just excellent, and they work with what they have,” said Ann Lumsden, professor of biology Read More ›