Unsettling Climate and Energy

Steven Koonin, theoretical physicist and Undersecretary of the US Department of Energy in the Obama Administration, examines the scientific evidence regarding of claims that climate change will bring about catastrophic effects to the planet if large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are not made.


Quantum Computing: What Does it Change?

At COSM 2021, Dr. Julie Love, Director of Quantum Computing Business Development at Microsoft, describes the challenges of quantum computing, exposes some of the myths regarding the technology, and describes the types of applications that quantum computers are best suited to address — including clean combustion, energy, and water, and energy efficiency.

Operating oil and gas well profiled on sunset sky

The IEA’s Plan to Destroy Freedom and Save the Planet

If you liked gas lines after the Colonial Pipeline was shut down by a hacking—or if the rolling blackouts last summer in California were your idea of fun—you will love what the international global warming warriors at the International Energy Agency have planned for us. Read More ›

It’s Time to Decentralize the Power Grid

After the catastrophic windstorm, it was only a matter of time before the utilities and their disgruntled customers started looking for someone to blame for the seemingly endless dark and cold of the power outage. Rather than look for scapegoats, we would like to propose a positive remedy that could ease the suffering in the event of a future natural Read More ›

In St. petersburg, G-8 Summit Will Forecast Our Energy Future

Original Article The world should pay close attention to the Group of Eight summit this weekend in Russia because it will give us a good sense of our energy and environmental future. As this is the first year of full Russian membership in the elite club of industrialized democracies, this year’s summit is hosted by Russia, which has chosen the Read More ›