Scott Powell and Frank Gaffney

Scott Powell on Securing America with Frank Gaffney

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Scott Powell joined Frank Gaffney’s TV program Securing America with Frank Gaffney to go over a wide array of topics. The two of them discussed some of the inflammatory rhetoric from President Biden’s “Soul of the Nation” speech, the limits of globalism, whether the United States is really a “Democracy,” and much more. Watch Part 1 Read More ›

The Man Who Could Be King

The Man Who Could Be King

This lecture was recorded as part of Discovery Institute’s Gorton Series Lecture. Former U.S. Congressman John R. Miller discusses his new book The Man Who Could Be King, a historical novel about George Washington’s struggle over whether to heed the call of his officers to become king. Archived August 28, 5:00 pm Event Page at TVW

In Iraq, U.S. Has Been Bold, Right

Looking back on three weeks of Operation Iraqi Freedom, dozens of thoughts, vignettes really, about what has transpired create a mosaic that is nothing short of remarkable. And like at the end of the Cold War, one already hears rumblings from the chattering class as to the inevitability of it all — as if the months of uncertainty building up Read More ›

Is Science Democratic?

A recent Zogby International poll found that 65 percent of Ohioans believe “Biology teachers should teach Darwin’s theory of evolution, but also the scientific evidence against it.” Only 19 percent favored biology teachers teaching just Darwin’s theory and only that evidence which supports it. What do these numbers mean? On the most obvious level, for every one Ohioan who wants Read More ›