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American Flag At Sunset
American Flag At Sunset

Threats to the United States now at a Whole New Level

It turns out that nations do not stumble into wars and conflict. Wars are generally the result of globalist forces with ulterior motives or political leaders who seek to shore up and protect their political position by demonizing a target, like Russia, and then rallying the people’s support around the enemy of that target, like Ukraine, in the name of patriotism and American interests. Read More ›

If Cascadia Can, Why Not San Juana?

(excerpt) Can a citistate region take its border-crossing destiny into its own hands? A smart bunch of regional visionaries operating out of the Discovery Institute in Seattle believes so. They’ve been focusing on the nearby U.S.-Canada border, which, like the San Diego-Tijuana crossing — must also cope with horrendous traffic delays. They argue that the corridor that joins “Cascadia,” the Read More ›