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Mid-term Elections: Critical for National Course Correction

People who criticize election year mudslinging and politicians dodging substantive issues are right in wanting higher standards for national elections. But they should also recognize that the two-party system that is integral to America’s representative form of democracy works reasonably well in bringing about necessary course corrections even when most voters don’t understand issues deeply and when politicians are evasive. Read More ›

Why does Obama oppose Keystone pipeline?

With memories of OPEC’s oil embargo and the cartel’s ongoing ability to manipulate markets, it should be cause for celebration that the U.S. is on the cusp of energy independence and lower prices. So it is puzzling that President Barack Obama chooses to holdup Keystone XL pipeline construction, which is one of the three legs of U.S. energy independence. Because Read More ›

Obamacare: Whodunit?

Michelle, in the Oval Office with a candlestick?….. Guess whose college chum landed the no-bid contract for the ObamaCare website software, acing out three other aspirants? On, now to Kathleen Sebelius: Please, please–PUH-LEEZ!–keep her, Mr. President.  She is the perfect exemplar of all ObamaCare represents: pray that Sebelius KEEPS her job.  She is part Nurse Ratched (3:10), except that the Read More ›

Obamacare Roll-Out Bombs

A fiasco for the governmental ages…. Begin with ObamaCare’s latest humiliation statistic: more people have signed up to go to Mars when technology permits, than have signed up at the federal government’s health care website.  At a time of record public distrust of government and their leaders, this happens. As for the president’s telemarketing pitch from the Rose Garden on Read More ›

Swamp green duckweed. Magical summer swamp deep in the forest.

Gilder to Moneynews: Obama’s Anti-American Policies Have Trapped ‘US’ in Fiscal Swamp

Pre-eminent political/economic author George Gilder thinks “fiscal cliff” is the wrong term to describe what the country faces. It’s actually a “fiscal swamp,” and it’s President Barack Obama who has filled that swamp, Gilder tells Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview. As for the morass, “we’re in a fiscal swamp today that leads into the future as long as you Read More ›

GOP Should Accept Obama’s Proposal, Without Endorsing

Republican leaders are negotiating with President Barack Obama over a package to prevent America, now awash in $16.25 trillion public debt, from going over the “fiscal cliff,” to prevent a ruinous plunge in America’s global credit standing. Alas, Republicans seem ready to fall into a classic political trap: sharing blame if a deal goes wrong while getting none of the Read More ›

Eldridge street synagogue
Eldridge Street Synagogue - New York City
Eldridge Street Synagogue - New York City

What the Evangelicals Give the Jews

Many Jewish voters this November will find themselves at a crossroads: Will they accept their deep disappointment with Barack Obama and vote for his reelection, or will they overcome their own discomfort with Christian evangelicals and vote for the Republican candidate? The irrepressible argument about the appropriate relationship between the Jewish community and Christian conservatives has returned with a vengeance, Read More ›

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Businesspeople competing with bicycles and running in the city
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Is Capitalism a Form of Social Darwinism?

On this episode of the Discovery Institute Podcast, host David Boze interviews Dr. Richard Weikart about the concept behind a loaded term that President Obama recently used to declaim Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal — "Social Darwinism." Read More ›

Obama and Santorum Agreed on the Terri Schiavo Law

Newt Gingrich likes to write “alternate history” novels, such as “Gettysburg,” in which the South wins the epochal battle that in the real world saved the Union. Such fantasies are harmless fun because everyone knows they merely are a game of let’s play pretend. But some historical revisionism is politically pernicious. Case in point: Now that Rick Santorum has emerged Read More ›