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When The House Can’t Win The Game, It Will Change The Rules

Mind Matters
Robert J. Marks II
Sal Cordova
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Intelligent gamblers can try and beat the house, but the house will fight back. Casinos protect their investment in a variety of ways including surveillance, banning players, and even changing the game rules. Robert J. Marks and Sal Cordova discuss gambling, casino oversight, and “advantage players.”

Show Notes

  • 00:31 | Recapping How Don Johnson Cleaned Out Atlantic City
  • 02:48 | You Can Only Skin A Sheep Once
  • 05:54 | What Happened to Don Johnson?
  • 06:40 | How Does a Robot Win a Game of Poker?
  • 08:25 | A Casino’s Greatest Fear
  • 11:13 | When and Why Casinos Will Ban Someone or Throw Them Out
  • 17:04 | Methods Casinos Use Beyond Surveillance
  • 21:04 | Interesting Players
  • 25:53 | Is There A Place For Advantage Players In Vegas?

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