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Youngkin Rips Off the School Mask Mandate

Newly minted Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed nine executive orders and two directives that, among other things, ended a mandate that state employees be vaccinated and a school mask mandate. He embraced the radical idea of allowing parents to decide if their children mask up in the classroom, effective Jan. 24. Read More ›
Portrait of focused schoolgirl wearing protective face mask working at lesson in classroom, writing exercise
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The Truth About School Mask Mandates

Past generations of healthy, young Americans willingly risked their lives for our freedom. Today many people are willingly succumbing to government dictates that control their basic everyday decisions through stay-at-home orders, mask mandates, limited religious gatherings, and most recently through forced vaccinations. Read More ›
Female nurse with mask giving vaccine to patient in clinic.
Female nurse with mask giving vaccine to patient in clinic.

Vaccine Mandates & Bribery Are Headed for K-12 Schools

Trends in higher education often trickle down to K-12 schools. The coronavirus vaccine fiat is heading toward the primary and secondary academic setting in record time. Read More ›