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The Exorbitant Eviction Waiting Game

When management of a Tacoma housing community leased an apartment to Morgan* in 2022, they never imagined the ensuing behavior in her unit would cost them well over $58,000. Or that she would, despite the behavior, still be living there today. Nearly an entire building of apartment homes sits vacant on the property due to activity in Morgan’s unit. Read More ›
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The Good Old Days Were Really Expensive

We buy things with money but pay for them with our time. Money prices are expressed in dollars and cents, while time prices are expressed in hours and minutes. A time price is simply the money price divided by hourly income. Read More ›
money printing process concept illustration
money printing process concept illustration

Averting Insolvency Is a Key Battle America Must Win

With all the problems America is facing, the one that gets the least attention might be the most critical. The speed at which the United States will hit the wall of an insolvency crisis and collapse is approaching very fast. Read More ›
Photo Golden Bitcoins (new virtual money )
Photo Golden Bitcoins (new virtual money )

Saving America Starts with Rejecting Digital Currency

America's style and state of political decline and cultural degeneration differ in many ways from that of ancient Rome, but the big picture has striking similarities. Read More ›
Wall Street
Wall Street "WALL ST" sign and broadway street over American national flags in front of NYSE stock market exchange building background. The New York Stock Exchange locate in economy district

Through Hayek and Beyond

eorge Gilder has been a front-line conservative thinker at least since his 1979 Sexual Suicide. He had an international bestseller in 1981 with Wealth and Poverty (a Ronald Reagan favorite), and his 2013 Knowledge and Power defended an information theory of capitalism that was critical to the underpinnings of my last book in the same genre. He has now surpassed himself with the blockbuster Life after Capitalism. Read More ›