Discovery Institute Announces 2009 Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences and Culture

Seattle — Discovery Institute is pleased to announce two intensive summer seminars on intelligent design, science, and culture from July 10-18, 2009 in Seattle. The first seminar is for students in the natural sciences and philosophy of science; the second seminar is for students in the social sciences and humanities (including politics, law, journalism, and theology).

These seminars are designed for highly-motivated college students who seek a deeper understanding of science and its implications for society. The seminar focusing on ID in the natural sciences will explore the scientific issues in greater technical detail and the seminar on ID in the social sciences and humanities will give more in-depth attention to the social impact of science. Past seminars have included such speakers as William Dembski, Charles Thaxton, Jonathan Wells, Stephen Meyer, Paul Nelson, Douglas Axe, Ann Gauger, Robert Marks, Scott Minnich, Bruce Gordon, John West, Jonathan Witt, and Casey Luskin.

Discovery Institute will pay expenses for students who are accepted into this special program (travel, lodging, meals, books and other course materials). Applications will be accepted until April 17, 2009, but earlier applications may receive priority consideration. Questions or requests for more information should be directed to Dr. Bruce Gordon, Research Director, Center for Science and Culture at