Cascadia Completes Puget Sound Business Journal Op-Ed Series on Infrastructure Deficit

Deficits make for great newspaper headlines: “U.S. Trade Deficit Continues to Grow” or “Greenspan Warns About Federal Budget Deficit.” Yet one deficit—perhaps equal to the others in its impact on our economic health and future prosperity—is often minimized or overlooked. It is that of our national and regional infrastructure, from energy to transportation. Discovery’s Cascadia Center has long recognized this growing challenge. As a result, the Puget Sound Business Journal invited Cascadia to produce a six-part series on the regional infrastructure deficit. The following articles—spanning the coming energy crunch, the dying federal role in transportation infrastructure, and the barriers to further development of broadband—appeared in the Journal on a biweekly basis from November to January.

Leaders must act now to avoid a severe regional energy crisis
by Bruce Agnew and Charles Ganske
November 18, 2005

Plug-in cars are stingy on gas, but may strain the power grid
by Bruce Agnew and Charles Ganske
December 2, 2005

As we grapple with highway woes, the feds remain adrift
by Bruce Agnew and Jessica Cantelon
December 16, 2005

Paradigm shift for the nation on transportation
by Bruce Agnew and Jessica Cantelon
December 30, 2005

Government Rules Stymie Broadband Expansion
by Charles Ganske
January 13, 2005

B.C. Olympics can be a transportation catalyst
by Bruce Agnew and Jessica Cantelon
January 30, 2006

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