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Arizona a Bright Beacon for Educational Freedom

It will reap significant economic and societal benefits from breaking the K-12 monopoly
As more edupreneurs come on the scene and parents are able to use their state-issued funding to select education for their children from an array of innovative options, quality and transparency will be demanded.


Some Neighbors Say Bucket Toilets Prolong Encampments

Jonathan Choe
August 16, 2022

Origin of Life: Energy Harnessing

The Center for Science and Culture
August 1, 2022

On Edge After Homeless Homicide

Jonathan Choe
July 18, 2022

Eric Metaxas and Stephen Meyer Tackle Science and God

Stephen C. Meyer
June 29, 2022

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The Mind/Brain Problem and the Power of Meditative Prayer

Michael Egnor
August 15, 2022
It’s hard to know where the brain ends and the mind begins. How can studying our brains give us insight into our minds? On this ID the Future, neuroscientist Andrew Newberg and neurosurgeon Michael Egnor sit down for a chat about all things brain related including neurotheology, methods of studying the brain, and research on how various forms of religious and non-religious meditation actually change the wiring of the brain, including in particular a study Newberg did on Franciscan nuns and what they refer to as “centering prayer.” This interview is borrowed, with permission, from Mind Matters, a podcast of the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial

What Are NFTs?

Robert J. Marks II
August 11, 2022
What’s the big deal with non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Is it worth it to invest in NFTs? How does copyright work with NFTs? Adam Goad, Dr. Austin Egbert, and Dr. Robert J. Marks discuss non-fungible tokens, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Additional Resources Adam Goad at IEEE Xplore Dr. Austin Egbert at IEEE Xplore ”Just As Cryptocurrencies Went Mainstream — a Huge Collapse!” by Jonathan Bartlett at Mind Matters News ERC-1155 Multi-Token Standard at American Kingpin by Nick Bilton at Etherscan OpenSea NFT Marketplace Podcast

Brian Miller Q&A: Engineering in Biology, and THE Engineer

Brian Miller
August 10, 2022
On today’s ID the Future, host John West sits down with physicist and engineer Brian Miller to pitch him questions submitted at the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith. Is the Bible against the pursuit of knowledge about the natural world, or for it? Are microevolutionary changes in various organisms consistently driven by random mutations and natural selection, or instead, are some made possible by pre-programming in the organism, programming that gives the organism a built-in flexibility to adapt to its environment, within limits? If living systems were deliberately engineered, how good of an engineer was the engineer behind living systems? And if so, what are the implications for the evolution/design debate? Also, what do engineering insights regarding optimization processes tell