Discovery Institute main offices are located in the Marion Building in downtown Seattle. The entrance to the office is on Columbia Street between Second and Third Avenue.

Seattle Headquarters:

Discovery Institute
208 Columbia Street
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone Numbers:
Voice: (206) 292-0401
Fax: (206) 682-5320

Washington DC:

Discovery Institute
3213 Duke Street #812
Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone Numbers:
Voice: (202) 558-7085
Fax: (202) 408-0632

Leadership and Staff

Name Ext. Title / Position Contact Info
Steven J Buri 125 President
Sarah Chaffee 120 Program Officer for Education and Public Policy
Bruce Chapman 101 Chairman of the Board
Robert L Crowther, II 107 Director of Communications, Center for Science & Culture
Janine Dixon 108 Educational Outreach Coordinator, Center for Science & Culture
Eric Garcia 104 Vice President
Hance Haney Director of Technology & Democracy Project, Washington DC Office (202) 558-7085
David Klinghoffer 152 Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News & Views, Center for Science & Culture
Casey Luskin 119 Research Coordinator, Center for Science & Culture
Andrew McDiarmid 306 Media Relations Specialist and Assistant to CSC Director Dr. Stephen Meyer 425-296-4574
Donald A McLaughlin 157 Development Officer & Regional Representative, CSC
John R Miller
Discovery Operator 100 206-292-0401
Keith Pennock 103 Producer, Discovery Institute
Scott S Powell Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth, Poverty, & Morality (954) 532-6324
Tessa Rath 123 Program Coordinator, Center on Wealth, Poverty, & Morality
Jay W Richards 160 Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth, Poverty & Morality, Senior Fellow, Center for Science & Culture
Ted Robinson 122 Development Volunteer, Center for Science & Culture
Donna J Scott 128 Development Assistant, Center for Science & Culture
Kelley J Unger 126 Director, Discovery Society, Center for Science & Culture
John G West 110 Senior Fellow and Associate Director, Center for Science & Culture