Request a Speaker

Discovery Institute Fellows are in high demand and unfortunately we can’t provide a speaker for every event. We’d be happy to work with you to try to find a speaker for your event. In the event that our speakers are otherwise booked, we will try to recommend a replacement. In order to help us in scheduling, we require at least 60 days notice, and preferably 90 days or more for large scale events (250+ attendees).

The amount of honoraria that will be paid to the speaker(s) is required in order to start the speaker request process. Discovery Institute asks that all travel expenses be covered for each speaker.

(students, scholars, scientists, general public, etc.)

Include information on topics addressed, audience size, and any media coverage.

(science, public policy, philosophy, etc.)

(debate, panel discussion, solo speaker, etc.)

How do you normally promote and market events you organize?

Note that typical honoraria can vary widely by speaker and situation, based on demand and a number of other factors. Please provide a reasonable offer based on your organization or group's capacity, and we will be sure to discuss and/or negotiate with you while considering your speaker request.