Permission for Reuse of Materials

updated 08/04/19

Thank you for requesting permission to reuse materials owned or managed by Discovery Institute. We are a small organization, and we receive more requests for the reuse of materials than we can handle in a timely manner. So please understand that it may take a significant amount of time to actually evaluate your request, to investigate the relevant rights, and to make a final decision. In fact, sometimes it can take 7 to 8 months or more for us to reach a final decision. In an effort to expedite matters, we have adopted this form to request information in a standard format.

(e.g., if you are associated with a group, please describe its mission and record):

(e.g., 300 words from an article, a particular book chapter, 2 minutes from a video)

(include a description of the size of the audience for the re-use and whether the product using our materials will be sold and at what price):

Selecting Yes will reveal more questions regarding broadcasting our material.

(Please identify as specifically as possible—geographic area, size of audience, commercial or non-commercial)

(If you want permission for a time period, specify the term.)

(Please include any technical specs that may be required.)

(if so, please specify the amount), or are you seeking to broadcast the video/audio for free?