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Cascadia statement on permanent fee waiver for second train

By: Cascadia Center
Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute
August 17, 2011

For Immediate Release


Official statement on the permanent waiver to continue second train to Vancouver: Bruce Agnew, director, Cascadia Center for Regional Development 

"It's noteworthy that the announcement was made after a  meeting between Minister Toews and Secretary Napolitano. Special thanks to Paula Hammond and the WSDOT rail staff who raised the issue with the Governor who in turn raised
the issue with Secretary Napolitano.

Moving forward, Cascadia will continue to push through the Beyond the Border accord between Harper and Obama for pre-clearance in Vancouver to eliminate the double inspection and a third roundtrip between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. The second train is critical to new federal and state investment in infrastructure projects that benefit passenger and freight mobility"

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