Everything You Wanted to Know about the Big Bang

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In this wide-ranging interview released as part of the Science Uprising series, Discovery Institute physicist Brian Miller fields 20 questions about the big bang and evidence for the existence of God.

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Questions addressed by Dr. Miller include:

  • What is the big bang theory?
  • Why did scientists initially dispute the big bang?
  • What did scientists believe before the big bang?
  • What models have been proposed to maintain the idea of an eternal universe?
  • Why did scientists come to accept the big bang? Who is Georges Lemaitre?
  • How did the scientific community receive Lemaitre’s idea?
  • How did Edwin Hubble contribute to the big bang theory?
  • What is the most compelling evidence for the big bang?
  • What does the big bang imply about belief in God?
  • Are there current critics of the big bang model?
  • Why is an eternal universe so important to atheists?
  • Why is the big bang theory still being challenged?
  • Did the universe have a beginning?
  • What are the arguments against a beginning to the universe?
  • What is a singularity? Does the universe need a creator?
  • What about the idea of a multiverse?
  • Lawrence Krauss thinks the universe possibly came from “nothing.” How would you respond?
  • What does Lawrence Krauss mean by nothing?