Govzilla: How the Relentless Growth of Government Is Devouring Our Economy And Our Freedom

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On this episode we’re talking with economist Steve Moore about his terrific new book Govzilla. It’s a sobering, yet easy to read, tale of the gigantic expansion of government over the last 50 years, and especially over the last two years since COVID hit. “The virus became an excuse to massively expand the powers of government,” says Steve, “the size of government, the regulatory reach of government, in ways that I think we would’ve found unimaginable a decade ago.”

With so many other issues before us: borders, education, mandates, Ukraine, election integrity, and on and on, it’s easy to lose focus on Washington’s catastrophic federal financial mismanagement.

Watch this show to regain focus. And if you’re looking for an excellent primer on economics, Steve’s book is it. It’s relatively short and easy to read. It’s filled with very clear graphs. It covers all the major issues. It talks about who the heroes are (too few), who the villains are, what the money is going to, and what kind of future we’re going to have if we don’t put our financial house in order.

Steve, in his usual entertaining style, weighs in on:

  • Congressional accountability
  • Canada’s truckers protest
  • Entitlements and the social security “lockbox”
  • The 3 steps to a country’s financial ruin
  • What we ought to do with China’s U.S. Treasury holdings
  • Modern Monetary Theory
  • Federal government accounting
  • Republican Governors
  • The 1619 Project and our “school choice moment”
  • His support for tariffs on trade with China And much more.