Human Computers and Robot Sex

Originally published at Great Minds with Michael Medved

There are some definite “Stop the world, I want to get off” moments in the new Great Minds with Michael Medved podcast from Discovery Institute. Michael talks with economist Jay Richards about the future of “smart machines,” including sex robots. Dr. Richards, author of the new book The Human Advantage: The Future of American Work in an Age of Smart Machines, offers a balanced view of what the future holds.

Show Notes

Timestamps more closely approximate the audio than the video.

  • 02:40 | Will there be a time when humans become obsolete?
  • 03:55 | The fundamental philosophical error
  • 05:00 | In a robot future, what would people do to occupy their time?
  • 05:55 | The dystopian vision of Brave New World
  • 09:00 | What happens to the legions of truckers when driverless vehicles take over?
  • 10:35 | What is the real cause of job displacement
  • 11:00 | The original human computers
  • 12:05 | The Moravec’s Paradox and the fate of manual labor
  • 14:20 | From whence comes economic growth?
  • 14:44 | From factories to footmen
  • 17:30 | The world’s oldest profession coopted by robots