Why More scientists are going Off-script from the Darwinia

Douglas Axe on A Small Good Thing with Steve Zelt From A Small Good Thing

David Gelernter at Yale recently wrote an essay in Claremont Review of Books entitled “ Giving Up Darwin: A fond farewell to a brilliant and beautiful theory.” Gelernter is one more of a small but growing number of scientists and intellectuals who are now studying the evidence for themselves and finding that the case for evolutionary biology as presented by the mainstream, “scientific” establishment is, in fact, mistaken. One of the influential scientists that Gelernter refers to in his essay is molecular biologist, Douglas Axe. He is a “distinguished biologist with a five-star breeding,” says Gelernter, “a graduate student at Caltech, [who] then joined the Centre for Protein Engineering at Cambridge.”

Part Two: How Can “Science” Blind Us?

Here’s what Dean Koontz writes about Douglas Axe’s book, Undeniable: “In this highly engaging book, with facts and humility and humor and reason, Axe uses ‘common science’ to consider the biggest mystery: to what or to whom do we owe our existence? I greatly enjoyed it.