Darwin’s Deadly Legacy

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Even though secularists assail the theory of intelligent design and have successfully managed to bar the mention of creation science in public schools, the reality is that evolution is now being taught as dogma all across our educational system. Evolution is the accepted default position and scientific objections to it are silenced and swept under the rug, not only in academic realms, but also in society in general. However, a closer look at this popularly accepted theory reveals its evidential inconsistencies, as well as the deadly effects it has had on mankind since its inception.

In this television special, Dr. D. James Kennedy, along with a panel of experts in a variety of subjects — from history to science — challenge the theory of evolution from Biblical, logical, and scientific perspectives. Taken together, they show its fallacies, its inconsistencies, and the lethal impact it has had on humanity.

In his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin proposed the idea that there are superior and inferior beings and nature favors the best-equipped for survival. It is a well-hidden secret that this theory has been largely responsible for some of history’s most heinous crimes against humanity. Adolf Hitler was an evolutionist who used Darwin’s rationale to try to construct a superior race. His attempts to speed up the process of evolution cost millions their lives. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, rationalized abortion by saying that it removed “the dead weight of human waste”. The abortion industry has followed her lead and the result is that over 57 million babies’ lives have been terminated.

The reality is that the theory of evolution, as applied across many areas of society, has had — and continues to have — overwhelmingly consequential effects. Simply put, Darwin’s legacy is one of death. But tragically, that legacy remains for the most part unchallenged in the public forum today. This full-length feature is one of the few exposés of the consequences of evolution and it clearly shows where the theory falls short. Darwin’s Deadly Legacy is a much-needed challenge to the dangerous theory of evolution that is propagated and propounded everywhere in our society today.

Commentators in this documentary include Michael Behe, Richard Weikart, Jonathan Wells, and Phillip E. Johnson.