William Pierce

Elections Spell Changes

The votes are not all tallied from the Nov. 5, 2002, elections – an historic milestone since, not since President Teddy Roosevelt has a Republican President gained seats in both the Senate and House in an off-year election. And there are vastly different ideas about whether the lame-duck session of Congress will feature a shift to the Republicans in the Read More ›

That Strange “Fathers’ Rights” Lobby and the Florida Law Invading Women’s Right to Privacy

There has been general agreement from those across the ideological and political spectrum that Florida’s new law requiring women to publish the details of their sexual resumes if they want to place a baby through private adoption should be changed. But now, in an Aug. 22 column in The Washington Times, Dianna Thompson and Glen Sacks claim that the law Read More ›

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Adoption Principles

On both sides of the Atlantic, the argument is being made that the only way to find enough families for children in need of homes is to allow cohabiting persons who are unmarried — whether heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered — to adopt. At first, the heightened attention by the media on gay and lesbian adoption was spurred in Read More ›