What’s Darwin got to do with it?

What’s Darwin Got To Do With It?

Feeling primitive? Unevolved? Inorganic? Then try a bowl of Primordial Soup! What’s Darwin Got To Do With It? is an illustrated friendly conversation about evolution and what science can explain about life. Aimed at younger students, this comic-book style work helps students understand if finch beaks really prove Darwinism is true or if the encoded message in DNA implies an Read More ›

The birds and the bees

If you’re concerned about what kids are learning about evolution in the public schools these days, wait ’til you see what they’re learning outside the classroom. In a new song by The Bloodhound Gang, teens hear a graphic description of mammalian mating–except the ones doing the mating are humans. Titled “The Bad Touch,” the song punches out a refrain over Read More ›