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What’s Darwin got to do with it?

What’s Darwin got to do with it? When it comes to evolution, quite a bit! But many people don’t understand Darwin, or the emerging scientific theory of intelligent design. Here’s a book that helps make sense of it all in a way that is easily accessible for young students.
A group of scholars, teachers, writers and illustrators teamed up to create this easy-to-read introduction and critique to the current debate over the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence for Darwinian evolution.

Kids will enjoy the lively and funny conversation that unfolds between two professors as they explore what science can explain about life. They’ll find out what logic has to do with it. They’ll see whether the changing beak sizes of Galapagos Islands finches prove Darwinism. And they’ll enjoy the adventures of Darwinian superstars “Mutaman” and “Selecta.”

What’s Darwin Got To Do With It? provides students with:

  • a clear introduction to the issues of evolution and design;
  • a clear explanation of Darwin’s theory;
  • a clear explanation of the alternative theory of intelligent design ;
  • an understanding of how what we believe about our origins helps form our attitudes about who we are and how we ought to live;
  • humourous cartoons; and,
  • a chance to learn logic, philosophy and science in a fun and accessible way

There’s more to it all than you ever thought. But this witty and wise book makes it easier, and more fun, for students to understand Darwinian evolution than ever before.

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“This brilliant critique is deadly accurate–and more fun than a barrel of Australopithecines.”Phillip Johnson, author of Defeating Darwinism