The Mayflower Compact

Pilgrim Fathers arrive in America.. Date: December 1620
Pilgrim Fathers arrive in America.. Date: December 1620

Faith, Gratitude, And Perseverance: Americans Have Much To Learn From The Pilgrim Story

With our country passing through troubled times, it is worth revisiting the Pilgrims’ five significant achievements, which created the seminal story of America, and reveal remarkable insight into who we are and the qualities of character we need to overcome our present challenges. Read More ›
Plymouth Plantation
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My Plymouth Pilgrimage

There must be something deeply ingrained in the human psyche about going on pilgrimages, for when I had a chance last year to take my wife and two small children to visit New England after speaking at a conference, I jumped at the opportunity. What could be more worthwhile than showing my family the cradle of American liberty? I especially Read More ›