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Alternative Lists

by Perry Bramlett In 1962 The Christian Century asked C. S. Lewis “What books did most to shape your vocational attitude and your philosophy of life?” His answer was this famous list: Phantastes by George MacDonald The Everlasting Man by G. K. Chesterton The Aeneid by Virgil The Temple by George Herbert The Prelude by William Wordsworth The Idea of Read More ›

All or Nothing

By 2000 it was reasonable to assume that no further Lewis essays were going to surface. But Perry Bramlett has now discovered a brief essay that apparently no other Lewis experts have heard of. In 1944 this five-paragraph evangelistic piece was published in a 128-page collection of Christian essays. Lewis’s “All or Nothing” is one of thirty-two essays there, half Read More ›

Two of Three Lewis Poems in New Book are Altered

Of all Lewis’s poems there were to choose from for the collection MagdalenPoets, published in 2000 by Magdalen College, Oxford, one of the three that editor Robert MacFarlane selected by Lewis is “After Prayers, Lie Cold.” “Arise My Body” appeared in 1944 in Fear No More. In 1964 Walter Hooper published it as “After Prayers, Lie Cold,” with changes in Read More ›

How Meilaender Counts

by Perry Bramlett Things That Count: Essays Moral and Theological by Gilbert Meilaender (ISI Books, 394 pp, hc, $24.95) This book contains one chapter titled “C. S. Lewis and a Theology of the Everyday”, and two chapters which are reviews of books written about Lewis: “Psychoanalyzing C. S. Lewis” (the Wilson biography), and “C. S. Lewis Reconsidered” (J. Beversluis’ C. Read More ›

A New Discovery: C. S. Lewis Praises Adam

In addition to discovering an unknown C. S. Lewis essay in 2000, Perry Bramlett has also discovered an unknown Lewis commendation of a book published in 1961. (Neither the essay nor the book blurb is in Walter Hooper’s Lewis bibliography. ) That book is Adam by David Bolt (The John Day Company). I think it is splendid. This book does Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 86, Autumn 2000 From the Mailbag

I always enjoy reading your Lewis newsletter. It is interesting that so many want to “claim” Lewis. The information about the Japanese fascination with CSL was especially intriguing — perhaps in part because of the Japanese edge to our life (i.e., Seiji Ozawa, our daughter Elizabeth’s boss). Joan Ostling, Ridgewood, NJ Master as Mugger: This fits what I was told Read More ›

Douglas Gresham Video

by Perry Bramlett, Louisville, KY The new Douglas Gresham video is out, cost $19.95, Vision Video (Gateway Films, web site, Box 540, Worcester, PA 9490, 1-800-523-0226… Running time is about 45 minutes, filmed at DG’s home in Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, Rathvinden House… Front of video cover: The Christian Catalyst Collection from the 20th century, picture of DG on front, Read More ›

In the Footsteps of Bourbaki

In an article titled “The Joy of Sets” in the October 1998 issue of Lingua Franca, Jim Holt began “Why is it that French theory so often ends up having a baneful effect on American pedagogy? I am thinking not of Derrida, but of another figure, one whose influence reached these shores long before him: Nicolas Bourbaki.” “In 1939 he Read More ›

In the Footsteps of Ashbless

Information from a 1999 copyrighted interview by John Berlyne. Authors Tim Powers and James Blaylock met as students at California State University at Fullerton in the 1970s. At that time the school paper was publishing lots of student poetry — in Powers’s words, “all free-verse, unpunctuated, unrhymed hippie drivel. Very pretentious though.” So Powers and Blaylock decided to write a Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 85, Summer 2000 Note

All the Bells on Earth by James Blaylock (Ace Books) “Blaylock is one of the most brilliant of that new generation of fabulist writers; All the Bells on Earth may be his best book…mystical and enthralling…at once reminiscent of C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength and Clive Barker’s urban fantasies.” Washington Post Book World In fact, Blaylock’s book is a Read More ›