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Perry Bramlett’s Lists

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 86, Autumn 2000 The C.S. Lewis Foundation for Truth in Publishing

The 25 Best Books Written about C.S. Lewis


  1. George Sayer: Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis
  2. James Como (ed) – C. S. Lewis at the Breakfast Table
  3. W Hooper & R L Green – C. S. Lewis: A Biography
  4. Humphrey Carpenter – The Inklings
  5. Lyle Dorsett – A Love Observed (formerly And God Came In)


  1. Chad Walsh – C S Lewis: Apostle to the Skeptics
  2. J Schultz & J West (eds) – The C. S. Lewis Readers’ Encyclopedia
  3. Kathryn Lindskoog – C. S. Lewis: Mere Christian
  4. Peter Schakel – Reason & Imagination in C. S. Lewis: A Study of Till We Have Faces
  5. Kathryn Lindskoog – Light in the Shadowlands: Protecting the Real C S Lewis
  6. Corbin Scott Carnell – Bright Shadow of Reality: Spiritual Longing in C S Lewis
  7. Paul Ford – Companion to Narnia
  8. Gilbert Meilaender – A Taste for the Other: The Social and Ethical Thought of C. S. Lewis
  9. Janine Goffar (ed) – The C S Lewis Index
  10. Joe Christopher & Joan Ostling – C S Lewis: Annotated Checklist of Writings about him and his Works
  11. Walter Hooper – C. S. Lewis: Companion & Guide
  12. Jocelyn Gibb (ed) – Light on C S Lewis
  13. Doris Myers – C S Lewis in Context
  14. James Patrick – The Magdalen Metaphysicals: Idealism and Orhtodoxy at Oxford, 1901-1945
  15. Kathryn Lindskoog – Finding the Landlord: A Guidebook to C S Lewis’s Pilgrim’s Regress
  16. Peter Schakel & Charles Huttar (eds) – Word and Story in C S Lewis
  17. James Como – Branches to Heaven: The Geniuses of C S Lewis
  18. Joe Christopher – C S Lewis
  19. Kathryn Lindskoog – Journey Into Narnia
  20. Andrew Walker & James Patrick (eds) – A Christian for All Christians: Essays in Honour of C S Lewis

[Editor’s note: I think the first one written, Chad Walsh’s C. S. Lewis, Apostle to the Skeptics, should be one of the top twenty.]

The Worst Books Written about C.S. Lewis

  1. A N Wilson – C. S. Lewis: A Biography
  2. David Holbrook – Skeleton in the Wardrobe: C. S. Lewis’ Fantasies: A Phenomenological Study
  3. John Beversluis – C. S. Lewis and the Search for Rational Religion
  4. Lenore Fleischer – Shadowlands
  5. Michael Coren – The Man Who Created Narnia
  6. Derick Bingham – C. S. Lewis the Storyteller
  7. Sam Wellman – C. S. Lewis
  8. Gerhard Reed – C. S. Lewis and the Bright Shadow of Holiness
  9. Douglas Gresham – Lenten Lands
  10. A TIE: Paul Holmer – C. S. Lewis: The Shape of His Faith and Thought; David Barratt – C. S. Lewis and His World

Best Books about C.S. Lewis You’ve Never Heard Of

(long out of print, small market books, or not issued in the U.S.; in
alphabetical order)

  1. Michael Christensen – C. S. Lewis on Scripture
  2. Douglas Gilbert & Clyde KIlby – C. S. Lewis: Images of His World
  3. Richard Harries – C. S. Lewis: The Man and His God
  4. Peter Kreeft – C. S. Lewis: A Critical Essay
  5. Leanne Payne – Real Prescence: The Christian Worldview of C. S. Lewis as Incarnational Reality
  6. Martha Sammons – A Guide to C. S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy
  7. Stephen Schofield – In Search of C. S. Lewis
  8. Robert Smith – Patches of Godlight: The Pattern of Thought in C. S Lewis
  9. Phillip Vander Elst – C. S. Lewis
  10. (TIE) George Watson – C. S. Lewis: Critical Essays; William White – The Image of Man in C. S. Lewis

Most Attractive Books by and About C.S. Lewis

(Packaging, title, printing, cover; ranked in order)

  1. Douglas Gilbert & Clyde Kilby – C. S. Lewis: Images of His World
  2. C. S. Lewis – The Chronicles of Narnia (British and U.S. one-volume editions)
  3. C. S. Lewis – The Chronicles of Narnia (British first edition paperbacks illustrated by Pauline Baynes)
  4. C. S. Lewis – The Four Loves (British first edition paperback)
  5. C. S. Lewis – Voyage to Venus (British Pan first edition paperback)
  6. Walter Hooper – C. S. Lewis: Companion & Guide (British hardcover)
  7. C. S. Lewis – Till We Have Faces (U.S. first edition hardcover)
  8. C. S. Lewis – The Screwtape Letters (British edition illustrated by Papas)
  9. C. S. Lewis – The Cosmic Trilogy – Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength (British one-volume edition)
  10. C. S. Lewis – The Allegory of Love (both Oxford paperbacks with cover illustrations from Roman de la Rose, Flemish illumination)
  11. C. S. Lewis – The Pilgrim’s Regress (U.S. edition illustrated by Michael Hague)
  12. Michael Coren – The Man Who Created Narnia
  13. C. S. Lewis – God in the Dock (new Eerdmans paperback)
  14. Brian Sibley & Alison Sage – A Treasury of Narnia
  15. C. S. Lewis – Miracles (British first edition paperback)
  16. Paul Ford – Companion to Narnia (U.S. first edition paperback)
  17. C. S. Lewis – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (U.S. HarperCollins hardcover gift edition, 1997)
  18. Humphrey Carpenter – The Inklings (new British paperback)
  19. Kathryn Lindskoog – C. S. Lewis: Mere Christian (Cornerstone 4th edition paperback)
  20. Walter Hooper (ed) – All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C. S. Lewis 1922-1927 (U.S. first edition hardcover)
  21. Walter Hooper (ed) – C. S. Lewis: Collected Letters Volume I – Family Letters 1905-1931 (British first edition hardcover)
  22. C. S. Lewis – Mere Christianity (U.S. Macmillan paperback 1960)
  23. Peter Kreeft – The Shadowlands of C. S. Lewis
  24. C. S. Lewis – Surprised By Joy (U. S. first edition hardcover)
  25. Jeffrey Schultz & John West (eds) – The C. S. Lewis Readers’ Encyclopedia