Need Help Navigating Modern Technology? Ask your elders!

Do you ever feel like you’re barely keeping up with modern technology? Maybe it’s a recent phone update that leaves you disoriented. Or you want customer service from a human but you’re forced to text with an AI. Perhaps you get decision fatigue scrolling through endless streaming options on TV, not sure what to take a chance on next. You’re not alone in experiencing feelings of weariness, frustration, and even grief about daily life in the digital age. Read More ›

Dial ’08 for terrorism

The assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has brought foreign policy and security issues to the forefront, as America prepares to elect a president. Homeland security is part of the seamless web that links actions abroad to consequences at home. Above all, fears that a nuclear device will be detonated on American soil have been aroused anew by Read More ›

How Many Phone Services Needed?

If WorldCom goes bankrupt, will we have enough telephone companies? Do we have the right number of supermarkets, fast food restaurants and hotels? Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else knows, but the private enterprise market system sorts it out and gives us approximately what we need, where we need it. For each type of business, there is an optimum Read More ›