South Korea

Making Broadband Bloom

Content, some say, is king. Well, I am discontent. At the moment, struggling with RealPlayer and RealOne, I conclude that streaming video does not work. What passes for broadband in the United States — 200 to 800 kilobits per second — simply cannot handle video. The paucity of video education and entertainment on the Net thwarts the “life after television” Read More ›

Advisor Soapbox:

Original article While the U.S. has supplied a meager form of broadband to 20 million households (20% of the total), Korea has connected some 11 million households (73% of the Korean total) with real multimegabit pipes. While the U.S. pretends that the Internet boom was a scam and a delusion, the Koreans now run one-third of their economic transactions through Read More ›