Sound Transit

Time For A Bus-fare Reality Check

With gas prices still on the north side of four dollars per gallon, more people than ever are riding King County Metro buses in Seattle and some parts of its suburbs. Ridership was up 7 percent last year, and as the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Dierdre Gregg reports, continued growth is straining the system. One effect: more riders get bypassed Read More ›

Snohomish County Gives Commuter Train Rights To Railway

This article, published by The Seattle Times, quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: “I’m interpreting this deal as a public sentiment that we really want to have commuter rail for our citizens, not necessarily an endorsement that Tom Payne and his railroad are the best operator. We need an open process and a public competition,” said Cascadia Center Executive Director Read More ›

Beyond Proposition 1: A New Consensus Is Emerging

This article, published by Crosscut, mentions Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: They have been joined, initially, by a core group including of former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton, Bruce Agnew of the Discovery Institute’s Cascadia transportation center, … , and Steve Mullin, president of the Washington Roundtable and co-chair of the pro-Prop 1 campaign. The rest of the article can be Read More ›

Innovative Transit Idea Shouldn’t Be Dismissed

This article, published by The Everett Herald, mentions the Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute: That proposal has been advanced by the Cascadia Center, the transportation arm of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, a private think tank. The rest of the article can be found here.

Perhaps the Next Big Idea Is… Auto-Mobility

In a recent tour of the transportation policy horizon, Seattle Times’ editorialist James Vesely offered an intriguing observation. “Environment-first groups have the big idea on their side… But the other side has no competitive big idea. They talk capacity while the greens talk about how we live.” Transit theologians have hammered at the notion that auto use is morally wrong. Read More ›

Unifying the Push to Solve Gridlock

With the monorail initiative’s passage, there are now seven separate transportation agencies in the Puget Sound region. Some think that’s just nutty. Two organizations, the pro-business Discovery Institute and the more pro-transit Transportation Choices Coalition, have called for the creation of just one superagency that would create a unified strategy for fixing the gridlock. The Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Project, which Read More ›

Bold Steps Needed to End Region’s Malaise

A recent forum held by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Seattle featured state Transportation Secretary Doug MacDonald and King County Council Member Rob McKenna, who were speaking on state and regional proposals before voters next month and next spring. MacDonald and McKenna are knowledgeable and dedicated public servants. One can’t help but feel a contrast between their sense Read More ›