Darwin's Dilemma - Why Intelligent Design Describes the Cambrian Explosion

Darwin’s Dilemma – Why Intelligent Design Describes the Cambrian Explosion

Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of Darwin’s Doubt, recalls the controversy resulting from his technical paper on the origin of body plans that was published in a peer-reviewed journal affiliated with the Smithsonian. Meyer discusses the challenge to Darwinian evolution implied by the sudden diversity of animal life seen in the fossils of the Cambrian layer and the complexity genetic information in the Read More ›

California Science Center
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Discovery Institute Sues California Science Center for Suppressing Public Documents Showing Viewpoint Discrimination Against Intelligent Design

Los Angeles, CA — Discovery Institute has filed a lawsuit against the California Science Center (the “Center”) for unlawfully refusing to disclose public documents requested by Discovery Institute under the California Public Records Act. Discovery Institute filed the public documents request on October 9, 2009, following the Center’s October 6, 2009 cancellation of a contract with the American Freedom Alliance Read More ›

Sternberg, Smithsonian, Meyer, And The Paper That Started It All

In August of 2004, news agencies began reporting on the controversy surrounding the publication of an article arguing for the theory of intelligent design in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. Then editor, Dr. Richard Sternberg, came under intense scrutiny and even persecution for publishing the article, written by Discovery senior fellow Dr. Stephen Meyer. The Read More ›

Office of Special Counsel Concludes Smithsonian Created a “Hostile Work Environment” In Effort to Oust Biologist Skeptical of Darwinism

Seattle, Aug. 19 – In a letter to Smithsonian biologist Dr. Richard Sternberg, the United States Office of Special Counsel writes: “it is… clear that a hostile work environment was created with the ultimate goal of forcing you out of the [Smithsonian Institution].” Dr. Sternberg, who holds two PhDs in evolutionary biology, was persecuted by Smithsonian colleagues for allowing the publication Read More ›

Evolution or design debate heats up

Original Article Intelligent design, which holds that only an unspecified superior intellect can account for the complexity of life forms, is increasingly appearing in science forums and journals as an alternative to evolution theory. Evolution has been widely accepted in scientific circles ever since Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species revolutionised biological sciences 145 years ago. But the new theory’s support Read More ›