S.R. 167

Green Light for Adding Toll Lane To Hwy. 167

Lawmakers' approval of the Highway 167 project is one more sign that tolls could be a big part of the region's transportation future, as both a source of money and a way to manage traffic. The 167 HOT (high-occupancy-toll) lanes are scheduled to open in late 2007 or early 2008. Similar projects already are operating in Southern California and Houston. Minneapolis plans to open one next month. Many transportation planners tout HOT lanes as tools to give commuters choices, use freeways more efficiently, generate revenue and perhaps reduce congestion. Public-opinion research suggests many Puget Sound-area motorists, unfamiliar with tolls, are skeptical about HOT lanes. But Auburn Mayor Pete Lewis said they're worth a try because congestion on 167 is so severe and other possible remedies are so far in the future. Read More ›