plug-in hybrids

We Have The Tools To Cut Oil Dependence, It’s Assembly That’s Required

A remarkable group of transportation experts, environmentalists, utility executives, national security experts, political leaders, public officials and interested citizens gathered at Microsoft’s campus this month to attend a two-day conference on why and how to move beyond oil in transportation. There was a strong bipartisan consensus that we must act decisively to reduce oil dependence for the sake of the Read More ›

To Really Save On Gas, Hybrid Car Grows Tail

Ryan Fulcher was so intent on getting more than 100 miles a gallon that he drove his Toyota Prius overnight to a technology fair in California, changed the wiring, and installed an extra battery in the trunk. He returned to Washington as the owner of a "plug-in," a car that consumes even less fuel than an ordinary hybrid. The additional battery serves as a spare fuel tank, except it supplies electrons, not gasoline. Each night, Fulcher recharges it from a wall socket at his Federal Way home. Then, the engine can run all-electric for 30 miles before taking its first sip of gas. A Prius that normally attains 50 mpg can achieve hundreds of mpg at low speed. Fulcher may be a pioneer in a potentially large-scale shift to plug-ins, which are gaining momentum with politicians and environmentalists as a route to energy independence. Read More ›