New York City

police car at night
police car at night in city
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Some Big Cities Are Coming To Their Senses On Law And Order

Law and order won big in Seattle last November when Ann Davison was elected city attorney over a 12-year incumbent and a radical, police abolitionist candidate. Other cities seem to also be waking up to the urban decay brought about by lax law enforcement, offering a glimmer of hope that our major cities might be returning to a more common-sense …

Cordon Blues: New York Is No Indicator Of Tolling’s Future

Sure, everyone called it a congestion pricing plan. But New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ambitious proposal to charge drivers $8 to enter Manhattan below 60th Street during peak hours was more about cordon pricing, literally drawing a line around downtown. Singapore, London, and Stockholm have implemented similar plans. In contrast, the typical congestion pricing project in U.S. metro regions doesn’t Read More ›

Officials Seek Expanded Passenger Ferry Network

Original article Maritime, transit and government leaders plan to hold a daylong floating forum July 1 to launch a coalition that will help create a network of passenger-only ferries plying Western Washington waters. A key theme will be how to create private/public partnerships that can make future passenger-only ferries financially viable. Private operators here contend they can’t operate regular passenger Read More ›