Unifying the Push to Solve Gridlock

With the monorail initiative’s passage, there are now seven separate transportation agencies in the Puget Sound region. Some think that’s just nutty. Two organizations, the pro-business Discovery Institute and the more pro-transit Transportation Choices Coalition, have called for the creation of just one superagency that would create a unified strategy for fixing the gridlock. The Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Project, which Read More ›

Bold Steps Needed to End Region’s Malaise

A recent forum held by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Seattle featured state Transportation Secretary Doug MacDonald and King County Council Member Rob McKenna, who were speaking on state and regional proposals before voters next month and next spring. MacDonald and McKenna are knowledgeable and dedicated public servants. One can’t help but feel a contrast between their sense Read More ›

Put a Lid on It:

Original article Also see “A HOTT Idea to Add Capacity to Freeways” When the state of Washington was planning Interstate 5 through Seattle some 45 years ago, a young civic leader named Jim Ellis urged state officials to take advantage of a rare opportunity. To keep the city connected and increase transportation options, he advised building lids across the freeway Read More ›