Michael Medved

Stephen Meyer interviewed by Michael Medved
Photo by Nathan Jacobson during taping of Great Minds with Michael Medved (2007)

The Michael Medved Show: Signature in the Cell

Dr. Meyer discusses the information revolution and the challenge it presents for Darwinism with Michael Medved, expounding the argument for intelligent design from information. Transcript Speaker 1 (00:06):And now America’s number one show on pop culture and politics. This is the Michael Medved show. And Michael Medved (00:15):Another great day in this greatest nation on God’s green earth, where so Read More ›

10 Big Lies About America – Q&A

Michael Medved takes questions after his lecture at the McNaughton Fellows Lecture Series on his book 10 Big Lies About America.

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10 Big Lies About America

McNaughton Fellows Lecture by Michael Medved regarding his new book 10 Big Lies About America. He speaks about two things regarding his book: (1) Why he wrote the book. (2) What has surprised him since the book came out.

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