Journalists Interviewing. Female Speaker Answering Questions
Journalists Interviewing. Female Speaker Answering Questions

Journalism, a Reckoning

You know journalism is flailing when Economist columnist James Bennet writes a piece that pretty much blew up his old home. The headline: "When the New York Times lost its way." Read More ›

Media Malpractice

There is a sure-fire way to make the news these days: Just issue a press release beginning with the words, “New scientific study shows,” and have it assert a conclusion that the MSM fervently want to believe—especially if the resulting story would serve to debunk or refute a Bush administration policy. Slam-dunk! Your press release will become news! You are Read More ›

TV & Radio Appearances

Featured Interview Dr. Stephen Meyer and Darwinist Dr. Michael Ruse discuss intelligent design and Darwinism on the PBS program Ben Wattenberg’s Think Tank.Think Tank Part 1: Tank Part 2: Talk of the Times: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution (Seattle Times & Townhall)Fellow: Stephen MeyerApril 26, 2006Audio MP3(89.8MB)–Or Download as Two MP3s—Part 1-Audio MP3(47.2MB)Part 2-Audio MP3(42.6MB) Janet Parshall’s AmericaFellow: Michael Read More ›

Strategy to Revive the Stock Market

If the slide in the stock market is not addressed very quickly, a crisis in corporate and personal debt service may well occur, causing a rapid downward economic spiral. The good news is that Congress and the administration can prevent a further meltdown. The bad news is that Congress seems bent on doing the wrong things, which drive the markets Read More ›

Close up view of the income tax return
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Tax Patriots … and Scoundrels

During the past few weeks, some members of Congress have called corporate executives unpatriotic for moving the legal home of their companies to low-tax foreign countries. The implication is that the business people and their tax lawyers are scoundrels, and countries with low tax rates are evil tax havens. But do the charges hold up? If Webster’s dictionary correctly defines Read More ›