Light Rail

For Whom The Tolls Bell

Link to original editorialOregon is gearing up to build the biggest public works project in its history. Maybe. The state will make up its mind soon. Promise. For at least a dozen years, it’s been clear to everyone with a car and an appointment worth keeping that gridlock threatens to overwhelm the Interstate Bridge. The solution seems obvious: a new Read More ›

Light Rail Cut From The Plan For 520 Bridge

This article, published by Seattle PI, mentions Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: This could provide an interim approach to light rail and provide a better picture of transit demand, plus help pay for transit improvements on both trans-lake corridors, said Bruce Agnew, director of the Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center for Regional Development, a Seattle think tank. The rest of the Read More ›

Remaining Transportation Challenges For Puget Sound

Cascadia Center For Regional Development November 5, 2008 ON NOVEMBER 4, 2008, Puget Sound voters approved Proposition One, a ballot measure that increases the sales tax to pay for extension of the region’s starter system of Sound Transit light rail, and which adds Sound Transit express bus and commuter train service. The projected cost is $17.9 billion and the light Read More ›

Light Rail And Roads Tax: Is It A Good Deal?

On his KUOW-FM weekday show “The Conversation,” host Ross Reynolds interviews three guests, among them Cascadia Center’s Bruce Agnew, on regional transportation issues. You can listen to the show here.